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A Revolution in Targeted Vaping  

Offering A Broad Spectrum of Groundbreaking Products for

Improved Health, Well-being, Functionality, and Enjoyment.

VAPE FX™ offers E-Liquids that deliver a revolutionary array of truly efficacious beneficial effects.  Within the TheraVAPE™, OptiVAPE™, and RecSafeVAPE™ lines of products, the VAPE FX™ line comprises products for improving health and wellness, “human optimization”, and a safe alternative for “Rec-like” enjoyment that places the emphasis on safety and harm reduction. 

The products within the VAPE FX™ line will both create a new paradigm of just what vaping can afford for greatly enhanced well-being and quality of life, as well as set a standard that sets a highest bar for efficacy and ease of use.

Join us and get on board with the future of vaping; the groundbreaking Targeted Vaping Science™ found only within VAPE FX™.  Experience THE VAPE FX™ for unparalleled effectiveness within a broad spectrum of health, wellness, and enjoyment oriented products.  

Whether it's for pleasure, superior well-being, or improved functionality and performance, VAPE FX™ will be a cornerstone for the enhancement of overall Quality of Life that we’re sure you'll find invaluable.  Our goal for VAPE FX™ is to provide the very best products to help you be the ‘very best you’.


Keep It Tight & On Target - Respect The Vape™

With VAPE FX™ TheraVAPE™, OptiVAPE™, & RecSafeVAPE™ Targeted Vaping Science™ more is not better.  Target your optimal VAPE FX™ zone for optimal effects.


With the Unreal Effects of VAPE FX™ Show Respect™


More Isn’t Always Better

Target Your Sweet Spot

Respect The Vape™


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** Disclaimer **

** Results vary on an individual basis. All statements made are related based upon a best case scenario.  No claims are made to treat in any fashion any condition, disease, illness, or other medical condition.  None of the statements made are approved by any governmental body or agency.

We do firmly believe in our products and that chances are you will find them more than exceptional. We as well believe in freedom of choice; further still, full freedom over one’s life and well-being.  Resoundingly, we as well believe in honor, integrity, and standing behind what one does.  If dissatisfied in any way, we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee. **

PEG 300 & 400

PEG 400 and PEG 300 are the safest suspension liquid for vaporizers. Many companies use PG based products, but that is simply because the lowest cost product often wins out in the manufacturing world (think high fructose corn syrup vs pure sugar).