A Revolution in Targeted Vaping  

Offering A Broad Spectrum of Groundbreaking Products for

Improved Health, Well-being, Functionality, and Enjoyment.

VAPE FX™ offers E-Liquids that deliver a revolutionary array of truly efficacious beneficial effects.  Within the TheraVAPE™, OptiVAPE™, and RecSafeVAPE™ lines of products, the VAPE FX™ line comprises products for improving health and wellness, “human optimization”, and a safe alternative for “Rec-like” enjoyment that places the emphasis on safety and harm reduction. 

The products within the VAPE FX™ line will both create a new paradigm of just what vaping can afford for greatly enhanced well-being and quality of life, as well as set a standard that sets a highest bar for efficacy and ease of use.

Join us and get on board with the future of vaping; the groundbreaking Targeted Vaping Science™ found only within VAPE FX™.  Experience THE VAPE FX™ for unparalleled effectiveness within a broad spectrum of health, wellness, and enjoyment oriented products.  

Whether it's for pleasure, superior well-being, or improved functionality and performance, VAPE FX™ will be a cornerstone for the enhancement of overall Quality of Life that we’re sure you'll find invaluable.  Our goal for VAPE FX™ is to provide the very best products to help you be the ‘very best you’.


Keep It Tight & On Target - Respect The Vape™

With VAPE FX™ TheraVAPE™, OptiVAPE™, & RecSafeVAPE™ Targeted Vaping Science™ more is not better.  Target your optimal VAPE FX™ zone for optimal effects.


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More Isn’t Always Better

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Respect The Vape™